ISHMPR’s Fall Conference

Fall Healthcare Marketing and Communications Conference

October 26 – 27, 2023

Eagle Ridge Resort and Spa, Galena

We would like to thank the attendees, speakers and sponsors for making the Fall 2023 ISHMPR Conference a resounding success!

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2023 Pinnacle Awards

The Pinnacle Awards Presentation will be October 26, 2023 at 7:00 P.M. Winners take home bragging rights, a shiny trophy and a healthy dose of self-esteem to prepare for the upcoming year’s creative streak.

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Conference Sessions

Thursday, October 26

11:00 a.m. – Welcome & Keynote

Investing in Your Happiness is Investing In Your Success

Anthony Poponi, Founder, Focus on the 40

Marketing and PR professionals should frequently celebrate their internal success. Researchers have determined the correct sequencing and your happiness comes first and your investments in happiness are a better predictor of your success than hard skills, talent, or experience. Learn how to invest in you and your team’s mindset, and build strong workplace relationships

1:15 p.m. Concurrent Sessions

The Ins & Outs of Placing, Measuring, and Adjusting Your Digital Strategy

Jason Moyer, Chief Digital Officer, Chartwell Agency
Emily Hartzog, Senior Vice President, Chartwell Agency

SEM, SEO, CTV, display, retargeting… oh my! If digital advertising feels like speaking another language, this is the session for you! We’ll help you understand the basics of digital advertising strategies, considerations before launching a campaign, and how to measure and optimize your efforts while justifying the ROI to stakeholders in your organization. After this session, you’ll be better prepared to develop digital advertising strategies, review recommendations, and evaluate results.

The Importance of a Reputation Management Strategy

Michelle LaPage, Marketing, Foundation & Org. Development Manager, Rochelle Community Hospital
Cory Krueger – VP, Digital Marketing Solutions, Patient Point

See how Rochelle Community Hospital in Rochelle, Illinois, designed and implemented a comprehensive Reputation Management strategy to dramatically increase not only the Hospital, clinic, and employed doctor’s number of online reviews but also the average star ratings of each. Learn how to implement your own Reputation Management strategy that drives real results and helps your facility stand out in a rural marketplace while reinforcing your key value proposition among the local community you serve.


2:30 p.m. Concurrent Sessions

How to Make a Lasting Impression with Branded Collateral

Craig Stewart, Managing Partner, Source 309
Devin O’Brien, Partner, O’Brien Corporation

Two of our best veteran promo fanatics are ready to show you insider tricks and tips on how you can make a lasting impression with branded collateral! Craig Stewart and Devin O’Brien are joining forces for an interactive discussion on unique strategies and trending items for promoting your healthcare organization. How can the perfect giveaway make the impression you are looking for with patients, employees, and your community? What are the best, hottest, and newest promotional items available? Learn how having a branded collateral strategy can make a big impact for your organization but still fit in your budget.


Grow Up! How Mature Is Your Content Strategy?

Shannon Cummins, VP, Business Development, GLC

Is your content delivering consistent results that are tied to your organizational strategy and objectives? A 5-point content maturity model can help you assess how effective and sophisticated your content program is and how to move the needle toward success. We’ll walk through the four imperatives of increasing an organization’s content maturity level and show how you can provide measurable results.


4:15 p.m. Concurrent Sessions

Redefining the Healthcare Customer Experience

Randy McDaniels, President, McDaniels Healthcare Marketing
Beth Geier, Vice President, McDaniels Healthcare Marketing

Hospitals that deliver service that not only helps heal, but leaves a patient feeling cared for in ALL ways will winout over others. Community hospitals are better poised than any others to redefine and align healthcare to the customer experience. In a time when the attention of hospital leaders is consistently hijacked by financial and staffing issues, this session will help reinforce the core benefits of elevating the customer experience and encourage marketing leaders to embrace a new, personal way of marketing this experience.


Dementia- From Under the Rug to a Community Hug

Joan Hermes, Executive Director, CGH Foundation

A father’s challenge sparked a customized dementia initiative transforming the disease from a wellkept secret to a household word in the Sauk Valley area. Learn how the Dementia Project is helping bridge a gap in patient care at CGH Medical Center.


Friday, October 27

8:30 a.m. General Session

Claims Data 101: What Hospital Marketers Need to Know

Adam Tiedt, Regional Vice President, Intellimed

Health systems are looking to better understand their markets and many have turned to claims data to provide insight. From pinpointing physician referral patterns to analyzing patient outmigration trends, claims data can be a powerful tool to help health systems identify market needs and inform population health initiatives. Learn what to consider when evaluating claims data for your organization, what value it can provide hospital marketers, and how it can supplement state discharge data.

9:30 a.m. Concurrent Sessions

Google AdWords: 5 Strategies for Healthcare Advertising Success

Sue Webb – Director of Strategy, Cork Tree Creative

Are you ever overwhelmed by your Google Ads or unsure if you are implementing the best strategies?
This session will highlight fundamental strategies and steps to help you get the most from your digital ad budget. At the end of this session, attendees will have a better understanding of measuring KPIs; different types of Google Ad campaigns and strategies; importance of ad
copy, layout and keywords; campaign monitoring; and the interplay between Google Business Profiles and Google Ads.


Building a Healthy Community – Bringing People and Services Together

Mariah N. Bargman, Marketing and Community Relations Coordinator, Memorial Hospital – Chester
Jennifer Barbour, Director of Marketing and Relations, Sparta Community Hospital

When small community organizations pull their resources together, BIG things can happen. Learn how rural hospitals are working with non-forprofit organizations, local governments, and departments to build healthier communities. Randolph County, IL may be a small rural farming community, but the resources available to their residents are abundant.

11:00 a.m. General Session

Healthcare Marketers as Master Gardeners: How Your Strategy Skills Transform Into Pruning Shears for the Health System’s Culture Tree

Jennifer Horton, MBA – VP Strategy, Ten Adams

Imagine your organizational culture as a tree. The roots represent the mission, vision, and values and the trunk symbolizes the provision of medical care. Any branch, twig, or leaf is an outgrowth of mission-centered patient care. Culture trees can become overgrown, unmanageable, and unhealthy. Learn how marketing teams can transform strategic communication skills into tools capable of growing and maintaining a strong health system culture.

12:00 p.m. Closing, Lunch & General Session

HIPAA-Pacolypse: New Guidance and Its Impact on the Healthcare Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Ben Dillon, Chief Strategy Officer, Geonetric

In December, 2022, Health and Human Services dropped new guidance on the use of marketing tracking technology under HIPAA. In this session, attendees will learn the following: the new HHS guidance changes about PHI and HIPPAA as it relates to digital marketing; why this guidance has implications beyond advertising pixels; and a process mitigating risk, achieving compliance, and maintaining that compliance into the future.

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