Pinnacle Awards

What Is the Pinnacle Award?

The Pinnacle Award is given to ISHMPR and WHPRMS members who are being recognized for the challenging, creative work they complete daily, as well as members who show excellence in clear, effective marketing and public relations communication.

2024 Bi-State Healthcare Marketing & Public Relations Conference

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Pinnacle Award

Include a concise summary of 1,500 characters or less to introduce your project to the judges. Please include the following:

  1. Objective: Briefly describe the entry, including its purpose and intended audience. Include any research done to help identify the need for this project.
  2. Implementation: Provide a brief description of the project strategy, the plan for circulation/distribution, the techniques, design considerations, tools, and other resources used to achieve the project’s objectives.
  3. Results/Evaluation: Briefly describe how the objectives were achieved and measured, if applicable.
  4. Cost: Include the total cost of the project and any additional explanation regarding the appropriate use of resources or approaches to contain cost.
  5. Project Team: Include the names of other agencies, vendors, or people who helped with the project.


All submissions must be submitted by an ISHMPR or WHPRMS member. The 2024 annual competition is open to all Illinois and Wisconsin hospitals, healthcare systems, health-related organizations, agencies, and freelance professionals. Agencies should submit their entries on behalf of the Illinois healthcare organization(s) they represent. ISHMPR and WHPRMS members may enter projects with the assistance of outside agencies if the member plays a role in the development and implementation of the project.