Simplifying Marketing Campaigns

August 14, 2019 - 1 minute read

Creating a marketing campaign requires planning, precision, and a predetermined goal that your organization can feasibly work towards. While undertaking such an endeavor can be quite the task, there are best practices available to help guide your team to a successful campaign. Chartwell Agency recently outlined their tips and tricks for a marketing campaign in their article, “Plan, Implement, Assess: Your ‘Mini” Guide to Marketing Campaigns.”

Chartwell’s outline is a “mini overview” that includes the items they deem necessary to have an “effective marketing campaign.” These items are:

– Measurable goals
– Stakeholder involvement
– Defining your audience
– Budgeting
– Concept selection
– Marketing tactics (more than one!)
– Preparedness
– Ability to measure and analyze results

Want to learn more and get the details on how you can help your organization improve? Read the full article here.