The Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development (SHSMD), a personal membership group of the American Hospital Association, is the largest and most prominent voice and resource for healthcare strategists, planners, marketers, and communications and public relations professionals nationwide. SHSMD is committed to helping its members meet the future with greater knowledge and opportunity as their organizations work to improve the health status and quality of life in their communities. View the SHSMD Values.

SHSMD serves more than 4,000 members—professionals who work in all sectors of healthcare, including hospitals and health systems, physician groups, consulting firms, advertising and public relations agencies, and service providers.


Perhaps the only things changing faster than healthcare are the healthcare strategy professions where new tools and higher expectations are rewriting the playbook daily.

The people who join SHSMD don’t want that playbook written for them or have their future determined by others. They are the ones who want to play a role in where their profession and their industry are heading. They are the people—just like you—who join SHSMD.

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