February Member of the Month — MetroSouth Medical Center

February 14, 2018 - 2 minutes read

Member of the Month

What hospital/affiliate do you represent?
MetroSouth Medical Center

How many years have you been an ISHMPR member?

5+ years

What was your main reason for joining ISHMPR?
We joined ISHMPR to strengthen our ability networking with other marketing professionals, enhance professional development, learn more about best practices in marketing and public relations, and to participate in the annual conference for continuing education, inspiration and motivation. And of course, to participate in the Pinnacle Awards! The awards have provided validation that we are producing attractive, unique marketing campaigns with demonstrated ROI.

By participating with ISHMPR’s Annual Conference and Pinnacle Awards, we are not only establishing relationships with industry colleagues, but we also have the opportunity to demonstrate our skills and knowledge and gain new ideas from our colleagues. This annual awards opportunity allows us to make an impact and give back to our industry colleagues.

If you could express the value of what ISHMPR means to you in one sentence, what would it be?

As busy healthcare marketers, participating in ISHMPR helps us to keep up on important healthcare PR and marketing trends, new legislative rulings that impact marketing and public relations and advances in marketing technology.

What has been your favorite ISHMPR event and/or resource?
Definitely the annual conference and Pinnacle Awards! We look forward to the conference each year, as it a wonderful time to network with other marketers and vendors, as well as listen to industry-leading keynote speakers. Entering (and winning) Pinnacle awards is exceptionally rewarding after all the efforts that are put into our day-to-day work. Returning to work with the Pinnacle awards in hand validates our contributions to the growth and future of our hospital.