2020 Fall Virtual Conference

The Better Half of 2020 for ISHMPR is about our membership, so this year we are inviting our members to a complimentary virtual fall conference. This year’s conference will be limited to members only. To sign up to be a member, visit ishmpr.org/become-a-member. Affiliate memberships are also available.

QUESTIONS? Contact Molly Sorrell at msorrell@sdcmh.org.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

9:00 am

Keynote Speaker: Light Your Heart on Fire and Kick Start Your Year
Jake Green, Motivational Speaker

2020 has called each of us out to the mat in ways we never imagined. We’ve spent it giving all we’ve got to all we have – our work, our families, our homes. And as we face the reality of our unprecedented new normal (words we’ve said ad nauseam), looking ahead to a way forward can seem overwhelming. How do we minimize stress when each new headline, memo or phone call may likely bring more? How do we continue to lead our companies, our patients, our families, and our communities when we don’t know where to turn ourselves? How do we kick start this next phase of the world in a way that brings out the best in each of us? Jake Green is the kick start we never knew we needed. A Western Illinois University graduate, Jake is owner of Team Green Fitness in Lewistown, Illinois. Among many other roles, Jake is a stress management counselor, life coach, personal trainer, boxing coach and high school football and baseball coach. In this unique keynote address, Jake is here to do one thing – light our hearts on fire. In this session, you’ll get tangible tips to manage stress, physical and mental health, leadership skills and much more. Get excited to re-energize and re-connect with your colleagues at this year’s ISHMPR Fall Conference.

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12:00 pm

Panel Discussion: How can marketers change the future of healthcare?

Molly Sorrell – Director of Marketing and Community Relations at Sarah D. Culbertson Memorial Hospital, ISHMPR Vice President & Program Chair


Kriss Barlow, RN, MBA – Principal at Barlow/McCarthy
Donna DeMarco – Co-Founder and Vice President at Viddler
Susan Milford, MBA – SVP of Marketing & Communications at OSF HealthCare

In 2020, our whole world stopped in the name of one thing – our health. As healthcare marketers, now more than ever, we have the power to change the future. Whether it be through engaging with our physicians, keeping them connected to the system so they can better serve their patients, or partnering with our employees to ensure they are empowered and informed when they walk through those doors to serve, or for our patients – who need us now more than ever. The importance of engaging with these audiences across our health systems – especially now – well, it’s everything. Check out this session to hear from three health care leaders about how they’ve approached engaging these audiences in a world where patients and consumers are giving us what we’ve always wanted – more connection and engagement to their health. In this session, you’ll get ideas to harness that power in your own organizations and pose questions to colleagues about how we can change the future – one provider, one employee, one patient at a time.

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3:00 pm

Pinnacle Awards Presentation & Individual Achievement Award

The Awards Presentation will be October 15, 2020 at 3:00 P.M. Winners take home bragging rights, a shiny trophy, and a healthy dose of self-esteem to prepare for the upcoming year’s creative streak. Don’t miss the ISHMPR Virtual Event of the Year!

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Friday, October 16, 2020

9:00 am

Case Study: Connecting Authentically Isn’t Just A Fairytale! The importance of storytelling in Healthcare Marketing
Erin Minsart, Vice President, Strategic Services at Legato Healthcare Marketing
Jodi Martin, Marketing and Communication Team Leader at Ely Bloomenson Community Hospital

Patti Banks, CEO at Ely Bloomenson Community Hospital

Chapter One: Ely Bloomenson Community Hospital

As a critical access hospital, Ely Bloomenson Community Hospital in Ely, Minnesota needed to build brand reputation within the community, while at the same time, build employee pride, demonstrate culture for recruitment and increase patient engagement–all while in a pandemic! By utilizing storytelling from the employee perspective, EBCH was able to demonstrate how they make a difference in the lives of their people, who in turn, make a difference in the lives of the people in the community. Join EBCH and Legato Healthcare Marketing to hear about Chapter One of this story, and how it sets the foundation to extend and grow their storytelling concept. Learn how EBCH:

  • Capitalized on the “healthcare heroes” moment amidst a pandemic
  • Increased employee engagement by involving them directly
  • Boosted recruitment efforts by humanizing their brand
  • Built patient and community confidence
  • Plans to extend and grow this concept into future chapters

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12:00 pm

Panel discussion: Turning fear into hope. How to maintain control of communications in a crisis

Danielle Stevens, EVP of Business Development & Foundation at Wabash General Hospital and ISHMPR Program Co-Chair


Aimee J. Allbritton, PHD, FACHE , Senior Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer, Memorial Health System

Ryan Nagdeman, Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communications at Rush University

Rosslind Rice, Communications Coordinator, Southern Illinois Healthcare

Whether it directly relates to your role or not, it’s safe to say that after this year in healthcare marketing, we’ve all had to stare a crisis situation square on the nose. While this year has left many of us thinking about hunkering down in a corner with a blanket and a cup of cocoa, it doesn’t have to stay that way. How we respond in a crisis can be a defining moment for our organizations, one that can show others what leadership and character truly look like. What is our role as healthcare marketers in that definition? You don’t want to miss this panel discussion where three healthcare leaders across a variety of organizations talk about tangible tips and tactics to help get us out of the corner during a crisis and out where we belong – bringing people together through information, connection and hope.

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