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May 23rd, 2019

8:30am – 4:00pm


Erin’s Pavilion at SouthWinds Park

4965 South 2nd Street, Springfield, IL 62703


This free, one-day workshop for ISHMPR Members is geared towards Community Hospitals in Illinois.

Topics Include:

  • Developing Your Brand
  • Producing Video Quickly with a Smart Phone
  • The Move to Digital Advertising
  • Developing Content Strategy – Using a Social Media Calendar


Emily Hartzog

Emily Hartzog

Vice President

Chartwell Agency

(815) 282-9976 /

Emily Hartzog is Vice President with Chartwell Agency, an integrated marketing communications firm in Rockford, IL. She is a much-requested speaker by organizations and associations across the country as she is able to take real-life implemented strategies and tactics and share best practices with all levels of health care leadership. She has more than 19 years of experience in sales, marketing and public relations as well as a strong background in strategic planning, training, and crisis communications. In her position at Chartwell Agency, Emily leads the training and strategic planning service line while enjoying her roots in marketing with a variety of branding, websites and marketing campaign projects for clients.


Developing Your Brand: Some people think of a brand as a logo, like the Nike “swoosh” or McDonald’s golden arches. But a brand is more than a graphic identity. It’s what people – specifically your target audiences – think, know, and feel about your organization. As patients exhibit more consumer-like behavior around health care, it’s increasingly important for health care providers to think and present themselves like major consumer brands.

Shelli Dankoff-PP2017

Shelli Dankoff

Media Relations Program Manager

OSF HealthCare

(309) 655-3897 /

Shelli has spent more than 35 years in the media, nearly 20 of those as a television news anchor/reporter/producer working at stations in Pittsburgh, PA; Rochester, MN; Winston-Salem, NC; and Peoria, IL. She has been with OSF HealthCare since 2008, handling external media communications. Her team also manages their own online OSF Newsroom ( Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Shelli is a graduate of Ohio University. She is married and the mother of three grown sons.


Digital Media Kits: Shelli shoots stories and edits them on an iPhone that is part of a media kit that all of OSF’s media relations has. She will talk about the process and what is in the kit.


Randy McDaniels

President/Account Executive

McDaniels Marketing

(309) 346-4230 /

Randy has been immersed in all things marketing his entire life… his dad built this agency from the ground up. But taking over the family business didn’t come easy. Randy worked his way through the agency wearing the hat of copywriter, producer, media buyer and account executive before becoming President. His keen sense of industry trends helps him orchestrate his team in creating innovative, well-crafted messages that get results. But the end-product isn’t the only thing that’s important to him. Don’t be surprised if he calls you for lunch or simply checks to see how things are going (and if you caught last’s night game), because at the end of the day… it’s relationships that count.


The Move to Digital Advertising: Randy will host a round table about current media trends and the many ways to use digital advertising more effectively.


Sarah Smith

Digital Marketing Specialist

McDaniels Marketing

(309) 346-4230 /

A former Nancy Drew video game addict, Sarah has always loved solving a good mystery. So when she decided to put her quick wit and puzzle-piecing talents to use at McD Marketing, we knew she’d be able to help our clients crush their paid digital marketing goals. That’s because Sarah gets that conversations are happening all around us. Whether we’re addressing a hot-topic or creating awareness and interest about your brand, Sarah puts her critical-thinking, creative mind to work. She gets the right message in front of the right people at the right time. She’s also 100% authentic from the moment you meet her. Fair warning: while you should ask her about the journal she and her mom have been writing back and forth in since she was in kindergarten (#AllTheFeels), take a hard pass on her love for horrible Netflix horror films and Dr. Pimple Popper.


The Ultimate How-To Guide: Content Strategy Edition. Sarah will discuss the latest trends in setting short and long-term social media planning goals to include using a social media calendar.