“Living the Brand Promise – Every Time” Kristin Baird, RN, BSN, MHA, President/CEO, Baird Group

In this fast-paced and informative keynote, Kristin challenges marketing and communication professionals to take a look at the patient experience through the patient’s eyes. She discusses the importance of a patient’s experience matching the promises made in your ad campaigns. If the two are not aligned, your credibility in the market is lost. Every moment of truth is an opportunity to build trust and confidence in your brand. If the ads promote high quality, compassionate care, what happens when the customer experiences anything less than excellence? Kristin will work to give the tools to re-examine how well your messages match reality and what can be done to create better alignment and ultimately, brand consistency.

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“Beyond the Buy: What are you doing before, during and after” Angela Kasel, MS MHA, FACHE, Director of Strategic Marketing, OSF Healthcare & Brynne Behringer, Partner & Project Manager, Central States Media

Take a deep look into the integration of traditional and digital media campaigns through the lens of the patient journey, while also examining the importance of adjusting tactics, spend and creative throughout a campaign. This session will explore two case studies of a large Illinois HealthCare System campaigns detailing campaign strategy, adaptation and attribution. Participants will gain an understanding of why they should continually monitor their marketing campaign and lose the theory of, “Set It and Forget It.”

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“Patient Experiences that Activate your Brand” Christine Holt, MBA, MS Chief Experience Officer, Holy Redeemer Health System & Spark Transformation Center

Creating exceptional experiences begins with identifying who you are as an organization and who you want to be to those you serve. An organization’s identity, personality and values should be expressed through every action, interaction and touch point. Defining the connection between your brand promise and how it is delivered at the point of service should be the unique basis of the relationship between marketing and experience professionals in your organization. Explore how the Transformation Wheel can help people in your organization embrace the culture, activate your vision and live your brand promise.

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“SEO and the Path to Content Marketing Success” Jason Skinner, Chief Marketing Officer, True North Custom

Of the hundreds of billions of webpages in the Google Search Index, more than 90% get no organic traffic. At the same time, search is the #1 source of traffic for hospitals websites. Find out how to develop digital content that’s accessible to both algorithms and your audience in this presentation on creating an effective web content strategy. Jason will share case studies from his work with leading healthcare brands and review the steps for conducting a keyword analysis, optimizing content, and other critical elements required to create an effective web content strategy.

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“Creating Converged Media Content Marketing” William “Skip” Hidlay, SVP Chief Communications & Marketing Officer, UChicago Medicine

Content is advertising and advertising is content – that’s the new marketing paradigm. The web, social media and mobile technologies have transformed – and fragmented — our media ecosystem. Learn how one healthcare brand, the University of Chicago Medicine, is competing in this ecosystem by approaching content marketing in a fundamentally different way, creating a branded media enterprise.    At the end of this session, the participants will be able to understand how to develop their biggest marketing initiatives into constellations of content. They will learn how to capitalize on major moments by surfacing — and resurfacing — the right stories at the right times, as well as how to remix stories to resonate with their target audience’s unique needs and passions. Attendees will walk away with practical insights and tactics to apply to their own work in building brands, growing audiences, and leading teams.

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4:00 pm: “Employee Engagement through Targeted Branded Strategy: Expanding Perspectives: a case review of integrated marketing and the application of promotional items” Stephanie Gregory, Manager HR Programs, Northwestern Medicine & Keri O’Brien Soukup, Partner, O’Brien Corporation

Northwestern Medicine and O’Brien Corporation deployed impactful employee engagement projects over the course of 2018. In this presentation, Stephanie and Keri will review 3 case studies with unique approaches to utilizing promotional products in employee-centric applications. They will examine best practices for collaborating with your supplier partners in addition to the impact generated through targeted brand experiences. Key outcomes from each project will be discussed within the context of internal marketing, brand cultivation, and employee engagement.

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“Creating an Engaging Content Strategy for Social Media” Caitlin Ruiz, Manager of Social Media, Advocate Aurora Health

Puppies and babies and… healthcare?! Oh, my! There’s so much clutter out there in the social-verse. How do you cut through the noise and truly engage an audience whose attention spans are getting shorter by the minute? In this session, Caitlin will discuss how to identify what types of content will work best for your channels, and how to tell your brand’s story in an authentic and engaging way. Learn how to create your own content strategy and become a true social media disrupter in healthcare!

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“2020 Vision – Building your 2020 marketing plan” Jennifer Horton, VP of Strategy, Ten Adams

2020 is just around the corner.  Do you have a comprehensive marketing plan of what you need do in 2020 and how you will accomplish it?  During this session, you will learn an innovative approach that will help you define your purpose, establish your goals for 2020 and determine the key strategies and tactics that will get you where you are going. Participants will leave the workshop with the framework for their own 2020 plan including goals, strategies and tactics.  Additionally, everyone will receive a digital download for a 2020 Healthcare Marketing Planner to help them stay focused on achieving their goals throughout the year.

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“Your Content Strategy is Your Digital Strategy” Shannon Cummins, Vice President, Business Development, GLC

Fifty percent of hospital marketing budgets now go toward digital initiatives. Are you boosting online engagement and consumer experience? Learn best practices for creating a holistic content strategy: a goal-oriented process that focuses on the planning, creation, governance, distribution and measurement of your content efforts across all channels.

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“Modern Marketing in a Digital World: Data Driven Decisions & Customer-Centric Strategies” Jamie Malone, Digital Strategist & Erin Minsart, Digital and Marketing Manager, Legato Healthcare Marketing

The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate the importance of using data in every aspect of your marketing strategy—from consumer research and market analysis, to campaign development and implementation, through to measuring success and informing future decisions. The focus will be on using data upfront to plan and also to continually measure performance and inform decisions. Measurement is based on two objectives, communication goals and business goals. Communication, or engagement-based goals, are more intangible, while business goals, driving sales or market share, are more tangible. Successful marketing focuses on both goals while understanding the customer is just as important as the metrics. Jamie and Erin will demonstrate how to understand and successfully use data to develop, implement and measure healthcare marketing campaigns using real-life examples designed to engage with the audience to share experiences and challenges they are facing.

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“Fighting the Opioid Crisis: How Your Hospital Can Lead the Conversation and Impact Change” Jim Lake, Vice President/Managing Partner & Nick Jones, Director of Outreach, Michael Walters Advertising

Like in many states, Montana’s citizens were suffering from the opioid epidemic due to access to heroin, dangerously addictive prescription drugs, and the rise of synthetic opioids (fentanyl). The impact was felt in families all over the state, but it also effected the hospitals and healthcare organizations who treated or covered these addicted patients. Through a communication strategy called The Big Blue Sky Initiative, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana placed the issue front and center in the minds of citizens, healthcare professionals, and state legislators. In March 2019, the communication strategy led to the passing of House Bill 86 in Montana’s legislature “taking a significant step forward in addressing opioid addiction” according to Montana’s Attorney General. At the end of this session, the participant will be able to 1) understand how to address a healthcare issue in their community 2) develop a communication strategy to impact real change 3) use traditional and digital media together to communicate a valuable message.

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“Utilizing Google to Drive Patient Volumes” Anne Spoden Kiss, Vice President of Digital Services, TAG

Grow your healthcare practice through the use of strategic Google campaigns and data. TAG has worked with Medical Associates for the past three years on developing Google Ads strategies for key service lines including, OBGYN, CoolSculpting (General Surgery) and Acute / Urgent Care to increase patient volumes over competitors in the market. Through strategic bidding, competitive monitoring, and data analysis Medical Associates campaigns perform at twice the average of industry standards and outperform local and regional competitors, all while increasing patient volumes and market share. TAG will share meaningful results from the campaign (case study) as well as give attendees best practices for utilizing Google and data to drive growth.

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“Win the C-suite: Marketing as the Investment Required to Achieve Growth Goals” Mike Chapman, Vice President/Account Director, Springboard Brand & Creative Strategy

There’s a disconnect between what most hospital and health system marketers are providing and what their C-suite wants. Smart marketers must shift their focus from campaigns and tactics to aligning the value they bring with the organization’s strategic vision and growth goals. To be successful, marketers need to focus on three things, the big picture, the numbers and the language of business. This requires wholistic knowledge of the organization and its growth goals, access to strategic plans, along with an understanding of where the revenue is coming from, programmatic, partnership and geographic priorities, etc. This will allow a marketer to formulate and quantify the return-on-investment that your leadership is hungry for and communicate it in a way that is meaningful and impactful to this audience. This session will challenge attendees to think clearly and articulate exactly what they are planning and seeking from senior leadership in terms of the support and direction needed to enhance their organizational value. The economics of healthcare and marketing are changing, and marketers need to reimagine their role as one that’s key to helping their organization prosper and grow – this session will help marketers support their own cause and take the offense and their seat at the leadership table.

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