2016 Fall Conference in Galena, IL
October 27th & 28th 2016


All ISHMPR members were invited to join us for this year’s Fall Conference at Eagle Ridge Resort & Spa in beautiful Galena Country. On October 27th & 28th, members learned what’s new in healthcare marketing, heard success stories, visited with exhibitors, and networked with their peers.



Storytelling: Plot Your Way to More Powerful Content

Reba Thompson, Director, Business Development, WriterGirl & Associates, Inc.Once upon a time… before the printing press and the Internet, stories consisted of how humans communicated the secrets of the universe to one another. Our minds are hard-wired and hungry for stories. Stories ignite our emotions and stick with us — long after the facts have faded away.

Learn how you can use storytelling in your content marketing to increase engagement and response in your target audience. Analogies, anecdotes, case studies, human-sounding physician bios and honest patient stories can all bring your brand to life and have an important place in our hurry-up, mobile-first, message-overkill world.


What’s Driving Healthcare Choice?

Mike Seyfer, Partner/CEO, and Marsha Hystead, Partner/CCO, HTK Marketing CommunicationsPlease join HTK’s Mike Seyfer and Marsha Hystead for a look into why people change healthcare providers and why they stay. You’ll learn how you can apply these insights to be an agent of change for your own organization and proactively affect your own markets. This presentation will examine the quantifiable results of 1,200 respondents in six mid-tier markets across America — communities just like yours. In addition, they will share the qualitative verbatim responses from the research, so you can hear what patients have to say in their own words.

Driving Consumer Content Engagement Through Multi-channel Storytelling

Rene Ryan, Senior Director, Content Strategy, and Shannon Cummins, VP Business Development, GLC: A Marketing Communications AgencyHospitals today have a treasure-trove of content at their fingertips — great patient stories! Storytelling is a compelling and successful form of communications that brings with it a high level of engagement (superior to traditional advertising) and drives readers to action. Are you telling your stories? Are they relevant and effective? GLC plans to share practical, best practice strategies and case studies that deliver.


How Location Marketing Drives Patient Acquisition

Mayura Kumar, Advocate Healthcare and Amanda Bury, SIM PartnersTraditionally, patients have made physician selections based on referrals by family, friends or another doctor, but with the proliferation of digital channels, they’ve adopted retail-like behaviors in determining their healthcare needs. In this session, Mayura Kumar, director of digital strategy at Advocate Health Care, and Amanda Bury, managing director of healthcare at SIM Partners, will discuss how healthcare systems can utilize local search management and marketing tools to get in front of prospective patients — when and where they are looking for care. Kumar and Bury will present Advocate’s experience with Velocity and Velocity Wallet as a case study that exemplifies how to combine location data and contextual content to build a local marketing program that drives customer acquisition at scale.

Brand Architecture Lessons Learned

Mike Chapman, Vice President/Account Director, SpringboardBrand & Creative StrategyAs hospitals and health systems expand through mergers and acquisition, partnerships and strategic alliances, your brand — and its connection to its entities — must shine through your newly created “ecosystem.” It can be tricky, from legacy names to employed physician practices to expanding retail services such as urgent care centers to encroaching competition, the time is now to protect and strengthen your brand. We will explore the relationship between master and sub brands, referral patterns, and even make the case for one brand — demonstrating how to bring that solution to life for the system and each of its entities.

The 7th Sense — Latent Conversions

Ann Johnston, President, Central States MediaChange is inevitable. However, some organizations are fearful of doing anything different with their marketing communications despite the fact that it is changing and evolving almost every day. The role of who makes the decisions has changed from patient to caregiver. So, how do you effectively communicate with your patients? More importantly, how are you communicating with the decision makers for these patients?


Democratizing Big Data: Advanced CRM on Any Budget

Theresa Komitas, Director, Marketing and Public Relations, KishHealth System, part of Northwestern Medicine, and Chris Restle, Director of Strategy and Insights, True North CustomAs healthcare budgets get tighter, marketers are experiencing an increased pressure to communicate the return on their investments to the organization’s decision makers. Customer relationship management applications provide the tools needed to quantify marketing efforts and demonstrate the extent of which a given campaign is fueling the success of overall marketing strategy. In this presentation, marketing strategists from KishHealth System — part of Northwestern Medicine, and True North Custom will illustrate ways to optimize a CRM strategy to become a truly data-driven organization that most efficiently allocates its marketing budget.

The Digital Eco-System — Integrate or Fail

Randy Jacobs, President, Natalie Johansen Murray, Executive Vice President, and Anne Spoden, Director of Digital Services, TAGBuilding your brand and engaging your various audiences to build preference is based on strategy, not tactics. Simply adding another digital platform to the mix without considering how online and “off-line” tactics are linked is a recipe for poor outcomes. This session will focus on three different client strategic deployments and experiences, A Center for Disease Control (CDC-U.S.) financed metro community wellness transformation program; a local Y’s membership and fundraising success, and a large 165-physician clinic operation.  While each has a very different mission, each is using the integration of strategies to succeed.


When A Crisis Strikes — The Crucial Steps to Protect Your Hospital’s Reputation

Jane Devron, Co-founder and Executive Vice President, and Lisa Soard, Account Director, Reputation PartnersAs a healthcare organization, a crisis could strike at any time from any angle. In this session, Jane Devron, co-founder and executive vice president, and Lisa Soard, account director, at Reputation Partners will give you the key steps you need to take before a crisis occurs. They also will help you be able to detect the early warning signs that a crisis is about to happen, provide you with tips for how to apply the essential elements of good crisis planning and teach you how to engage your team in a constructive way following a crisis.