The Individual Achievement Award Goes To Gene Vogelgesang!

October 27, 2015 - 3 minutes read
Gene Vogelgesang

Gene Vogelgesang

The Individual Achievement Award is presented every year at the ISHMPR Fall Conference to a nominated member who has shown outstanding work in planning, marketing, or public relations/communications in the healthcare industry. Some of the attributes we look for are:

  • Proven innovation
  • Enhancement of the healthcare marketing/public relations profession
  • Personal qualities and leadership abilities
    Community services and civic achievement

Past Recipients:

2014 – Patty Peterson
2013 – Geraldine Gustafson
2012 – Lynn Woller

Gene has worked in the community college and hospital marketing and public relations fields for 35 years.

Gene is known for excellent media relations and building a strong relationship with local media which has helped his hospital thrive in a competitive environment. He is also recognized for meeting deadlines and producing quality publications which have won numerous awards.

Gene is passionate about working for an institution that saves people’s lives on a daily basis. He believes his hospital is a big part of the lives of the people of the area and communication with them through marketing and the media is an important responsibility that he takes seriously. Being accurate and truthful in the messages his hospital sends to the public is the most important part of his job

Gene started at his current employer in 1988 and accepted the position of Director of Public Relations. At his hospital he has worked for four CEO’s and have had assignments ranging from coming up with media campaigns to announce new services and building projects.

Some of his volunteer positions include:

  • Hospital representative to the Live Life transplant support group
  • Vice chairman of the local Red Cross Board of Directors
  • Former president of the Youth Service Bureau which works with disadvantaged kids and their families and also a former president of the YSB Foundation board.
  • Member of the Rotary board of directors.
  • Been a member of SHSMD for over 20 years and of ISHMPR for almost that long. He also served on the ISHMPR board for many years including one year as president.
  • He has won multiple Pinnacle Awards for Health Scene, IVCH annual reports, and the IVCH web site.

He has served his entire career as someone who could be depended on and lived his life with integrity. Congratulations Gene!